Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-23

  • feel like i& #039;m getting ready 4 strip poker when i get dressed here. LOTS of layers due 2 the constantly changing weather. 08:59:19
  • trying 2 explain allergy shots to asher. "wow! so then daddy won& #039;t have to wait till Heaven for his allergies to go away!" 09:16:49
  • not sure why playdates drain me. love the friends but think it& #039;s the noise. can& #039;t handle more than 1/week. i& #039;m exhausted. #imanoldlady 14:42:56
  • recipe calls for 1TBS hot pepper sauce for jerk chicken. i chickened out & put 1tsp of Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper sauce. weak, i know. 15:07:55
  • finally read the & #039;how to make a bow & arrow& #039; pages in & #039;Dangerous book for boys& #039;. I& #039;m in over my head but think we might pull it off. 15:39:17
  • next week. today we& #039;ll make a list of needed materials and gather them over the next week. 15:39:40
  • beautiful sunny day. hot now, actually. had to do a total wardrobe change. off for bike rides! 16:18:27
  • asher& #039;s zerbert defenses have gotten stronger. much more work to get one in on his tummy than it used to be. 18:47:32
  • just posted the dailyburns& #039; first ever giveaway: think it& #039;s the first one anyway… 21:34:53
  • Bard& #039;s is much better than Redbridge. #gluten-free-beer 21:36:43

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