Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-24

  • when i fry eggs in virgin coconut oil the smell & even taste is reminiscent of movie theatre popcorn. mm….. 09:54:58
  • @ryan_burns all his supplies in jello. i have a bunch of gelatin here if you need it. ;) in reply to ryan_burns 10:58:59
  • babysitting a neighbor friends& #039; kids today. 1 has 4 food allergies one being lethal. goal 4 today: to not kill aaron. 12:53:44
  • @ryan_burns @marusekmi how funny, had a conversation about that yesterday w/a friend while children were running around crazy. in reply to ryan_burns 14:19:55
  • disorganized freezer is having it& #039;s way w/me. i KNOW there& #039;s another quart of beef stew in there somewhere….grr…. 15:57:07
  • was reminded that if i REALLY believed God loves me, I would be free to love others w/o concern of reciprocation or how it& #039;s reciprocated. 16:05:51
  • from : I recommend you check out this book for the artwork. so good!!! 17:39:00
  • craving bread products so have some coconut flour cheese biscuits in the oven. first time making them. smells gooood! 18:44:31
  • hey look my health insurance picked up $30 off the $160 doctor bill. great. gee thanks insurance for ALL that help. 18:55:19
  • asher: & #039;mom, what is the point of mail? you always just throw it in the recycling. why do we get it?& #039; 19:03:39
  • recorded glee last night to appease @presbypaul but can& #039;t watch it till a night @ryan_burns is working. he won& #039;t watch it. skeptical myself 21:13:26

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