Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-25

  • spent 30min daydreaming drawing @ryan_burns& #039; portrait while on a cruise. pretty sure i was awake, but i usually just GET up when i wake up. 08:37:09
  • skills i daydream about having: drawing, stand-up comedy, hosting a cooking show. i posses none of them, but i am learning to draw. 08:42:46
  • my brain & body seem to think it& #039;s saturday. that& #039;s probably a sign that i should make coffee. 09:15:19
  • doing half coffee half reduce both acidity & caffeine. 09:26:01
  • kids are putting library books into the & #039;return& #039; & & #039;keep another week& #039; piles. the latter is larger than the former. gonna have to veto some 09:40:06
  • grace draws people now. new development. so so cute. #itwitteraboutmykidstoomuchbutnotgoing2stop 10:26:27
  • stopped in the grocery store for milk & eggs. came out w/14 items. mostly ground beef that was marked down. but still…. 12:52:36
  • waiting for some verification but might be getting in on a steal of a deal for some bulk beef today. 14:39:20
  • yeah, there was confusion. no amazingly cheap beef today. oh well. 15:10:23
  • we& #039;re (probably) having pancakes for supper tomorrow b/c of this book: 15:13:50
  • asher just watched a friend of his (in NC) playing wii boxing on a youtube video. sorry @ryan_burns for the & #039;wishing& #039; that has commenced. 16:04:41
  • grace is apparently now narrating her life. direct quote: "i will choose this bwatiful dress& #039; said the bwatiful princess Grace Cinderella" 16:44:35
  • oh & yes, her name today has been "the beautiful princess grace cinderella". yesterday it was the & #039;cute princess kitty cat Grace& #039;. 16:46:46
  • princess snow white mommy grace is wearing her clothes, a dress up dress, a tutu & a baby doll in a wrap/sling. wish i had a pic for you. 17:26:23
  • me: & #039;grace how did you know that?& #039; grace, "b/c God made me the best girl who knows everything." 18:44:25
  • RT @ryan_burns: Dang it. iPhone almost got me in it& #039;s grip. //if that was an attempt 2 suck me in it might have worked 21:14:26

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