Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-28

  • emptying the dishwasher & thinking how one day this job will belong to a child. 08:50:05
  • men& #039;s electric shavers/trimmers w/vacuum action to suck up the bristles as they& #039;re shaved off. does this exist? my bathroom could use one. 10:14:35
  • @bcmendoza weak. ;) in reply to bcmendoza 12:23:55
  • asher was just explaining communion to grace. i was surprised how much he knew. haven& #039;t overtly taught it that i remember. 12:35:20
  • hmm…september & tempted to bust out the scarf for around the house…. think i& #039;ll make some & #039;warm me up& #039; tea instead. 13:00:01
  • sauteed red cabbage & onions for lunch. for me anyway. never & #039;made& #039; it before but craving it for some reason. 13:43:14
  • earlier grace started praying with, "Hey, God?" much like she says, "Hey, Mom?" when asking me something. 14:52:31
  • have a head of shredded cabbage here i should probably turn into coleslaw, but was hoping to squeeze some reading in during naps 2day. & GO! 15:18:50
  • i should probably be using a recipe. or at least measuring tools….but i& #039;m not. 15:33:11
  • hmm…got the ginger powder mixed up w/the onion granules. …guess we& #039;re going for an asian slaw now? 15:35:22
  • there& #039;s a lot of things i DON& #039;T like liquid stevia for, but it seems to work great for coleslaw! yum! 15:49:57
  • read the 1st chap. of "Adopted for Life", stopping 2 cry every few paragraphs. pull it together woman! 16:22:09
  • knocked on a neighbor& #039;s door to see if they meant to leave their car trunk open & got a pot of patiens in return. weird, but nice. 18:24:06
  • why do school fundraisers sell useless stuff? even I probably would& #039;ve bought a candy bar. not so much on the wrapping paper. sorry kid. 18:25:20
  • asher: & #039;i wish i could be daddy. then I could be the one who tickles and works& #039; 18:55:06
  • ok so we got from asher wanting to be @ryan_burns 2 both kids crying about missing me when i go to heaven. NO IDEA how we got here. sheesh. 19:06:01
  • @mommyknows that& #039;s from your room? SWEET! enjoy! in reply to mommyknows 20:40:51
  • RT @ryan_burns: Did I mention, you& #039;re not special? // Please RT 20:53:46

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