Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-29

  • RT @cheninboutwell: dear bride who emailed me, not cool 2 say you *really* want to hire so-and-so, but they& #039;re too expensive. :( // wow. 08:55:42
  • RT @Terpening: Road to Artist Point closed for the season. 2-4 inches of new snow fell. More expected tonight. Fall is officially here. 09:13:00
  • while i& #039;m setting up for drawing lesson, kids are helping e/o review letter sounds from reading lesson. #sweetkids 10:42:52
  • asher thinks our last name is spelled & #039;Berns". makes sense phonetically 11:20:04
  • turns out drinking beef broth is not as yummy as chicken. guess i& #039;ll make this into soup tomorrow instead. 13:23:59
  • Grace dipping apples into almond butter. went 2 restroom. returned & her face was pressed into the bowl. can& #039;t blame her. yum! 13:42:58
  • actually appear to have a bit of & #039;free time& #039; this nappers. was going to make OCT. dinner menu but um…"Adopted for life" is calling…. 15:14:36
  • listening to asher sing while in roomtime: "praise to the Lord who all things He madeth…" eh. close enough. 16:00:21
  • RT @Logos: 3,700+ Seminarians apply @ & don& #039;t tell pals? Don& #039;t want competition? Come on, share the love! :-) 16:07:01
  • the rain& #039;s thrown a kink in afternoon plans. supposed to be riding bikes right now. fall has indeed arrived. 16:46:04
  • kids & i are scrounging for a rainy afternoon snack, but my house is not exactly & #039;quick snack& #039; friendly. it& #039;s my fault, can& #039;t complain. :( 16:49:36
  • coconut milk hot chocolate it is. 16:51:55
  • Grace: why? Asher: because. Grace: what is because. Asher: because means & #039;i don& #039;t know& #039; 17:16:34
  • it& #039;s a good thing for children to ask questions. it& #039;s a good thing for children to ask questions…..chant w/me now….it& #039;s a good thing… 18:34:44
  • i seem to have made salmon fritters instead of salmon cakes….interesting… 19:05:49

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