Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-30

  • had meal rep. shake. supposed 2b powder + water=gross & not filling. yogurt, whey, coconut flour, peanutbutter + powder = yum & full. 09:32:16
  • put & #039;where the wild things are& #039; on hold @ the library. seems everyone had the same idea 2 re-read it b4 the movie. quite the waiting list. 10:06:15
  • enjoying going through & #039;the ordinary parent& #039;s guide to teaching reading& #039; w/my kids. straightforward, thorough & adaptable to diff. kids. 11:10:11
  • i have the wrong kinda paper plates for this craft. NOT a crafts momma. sigh. 11:21:17
  • paper plate masks a success. 2 monsters running around & admiring their scariness in the mirror. 12:08:57
  • really love this 24hr ferment crock pot yogurt. 13:21:56
  • finally got around 2 emailing a friend i haven& #039;t connected w/in a few months, but spent too much time on it. not feeling & #039;productive& #039; today. 16:04:55
  • asher spent the drive home from store explaining how he& #039;ll teach his younger brother to ride a bike. not sure where the brother came from. 18:26:58
  • only a matter of time till we make the switch now….RT @Logos: RT @BobPritchett: I can neither confirm nor deny… 19:00:16
  • really like the sonoma brand Teff tortillas. wrap up nicely. way easier 2 deal w/than rice ones. #gluten-free 19:08:52
  • @rhiamom cool. i& #039;ll be there in about 9 hours. if i can catch a flight right now that is. in reply to rhiamom 19:14:29

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