Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-01

  • weak on the response here folks. 2 days till the daily burns& #039; 1st giveaway is over. free coconut oil! #fb 08:39:30
  • going to be a computer free day today. laptop is intermittently freezing up again. just gonna call it quits. 08:43:53
  • story time doesn& #039;t include crafts anymore due to budget cuts. i think it& #039;s the lack of a helper more than supplies? still had tons of fun! 12:53:21
  • got my first parking ticket @ the library today. 4min. i went over 4 minutes. sigh. 12:55:12
  • @jago: RT @goowaveinvites: RT @dubs20 Just gave 36 Google Wave invites out…Only 64 invites left. Follow me and RT this to get one in reply to jago 12:55:52
  • Asher to "Mommy Grace": "Where& #039;s your kid?" Grace: "no kid, just a dog. the kid store didn& #039;t have any kids, so i went to the dog store." 13:45:29
  • anyone wanna tell me why i have "don& #039;t stop believing" stuck in my head?? 13:58:38
  • just found an exploded beer in the freezer from last night. :( oops. 14:00:20
  • at least it was just a redbridge. blah. 14:04:13
  • anyone know if the omega 8003(or any of the 800& #039;s) juicer can FLAKE grains? #fb 17:03:30
  • can& #039;t remember why i came up to the office….short term memory seems to have called in sick today. 17:06:42
  • speaking of short term memory lapse, forgot it was baking bread. don& #039;t think i killed it, but might be a bit dry…. 18:00:32
  • think pressing my face into a slice of fresh homemade bread & sniffing will cause gluten cross contamination reactions? guess we& #039;ll see. 19:01:00
  • family& #039;s dinner: spaghetti, bread. my dinner: fried eggs w/spinach wrapped in 2 sheets of Nori (seaweed). 19:26:15
  • asher just asked me to eat my dinner somewhere else "like outside" b/c the smell is bothering him. 19:26:35
  • RT @UpfrontTheatre: don& #039;t want 2 say 2 much but 2night @ 8 the one & only RS will be playing with us. Only $5// wow, rod stewart& #039;s in town? 19:53:14

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