Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-02

  • one of my children has decided to suddenly start being afraid at night this month. 5x i was called upstairs last night. need prayer. 08:52:51
  • just set up a recording for the martha stewart tech show so i can find @mommyknows in the crowd. 08:55:32
  • yesterday marked 1 year that we moved to bellingham from the east coast. 09:56:09
  • @marusekmi Horton?? is he bringing the Who& #039;s? you know it& #039;s probably just a guy in a costume right? cartoons not being real & all. in reply to marusekmi 10:44:33
  • i& #039;m really lame. 10:44:42
  • reviewing psalm 1:6 w/the kids. asher got too into the wicked perishing & accidentally punched me. i have a fat, cut lip. #i& #039;mawimp 11:00:37
  • managed to lock myself out of the house AGAIN. luckily @ryan_burns had the key so borrowed a car to get it from him. 14:10:50
  • going 2 trial coconut flour pizza crust recipe i found (for myself only). could be gross. but if it& #039;s good…yay for grain-free pizza! 14:46:33
  • oh right. parchment paper & wax paper cannot be used interchangeably….as illustrated by my smoked out kitchen. 15:38:51
  • asher just called grace a & #039;silly woman& #039;: "not like that! you silly woman". that would be an @ryan_burns-ism 17:45:14
  • ok jenn, you& #039;re drinking beer tonight. pls. don& #039;t forget about it in the freezer. 18:17:57
  • not amazing, but better than no pizza at all! (ok so my bar is set low): grain-free pizza thx to grain-free foodies: 19:10:39

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