Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-03

  • i just buttered a plate. forgot to put the pancake on it first. not a good sign. 09:32:22
  • take 2 on grace& #039;s first day of ballet! (last week was cancelled due to sick teacher) 11:44:43
  • oh my. 3 & 4 yo ballet class was one of the cutest things i& #039;ve ever seen. 14:33:44
  • we did accidentally spend the 1st 20min. in gymnastics class though. thought it was strange to be working on the bridge in a ballet class 14:39:26
  • looking up recipes to see what to do w/my stewing hen tomorrow. if i would& #039;ve thought ahead i& #039;d try Coq au Vin, but not time for it now. 14:54:11
  • chicken stew with millet drop muffins (think chicken & dumplings) it is. 15:24:57
  • GREAT post w/recipes 4 herbal treatment of coughs/colds/chest congestion, mostly coughs but much of it is good for all 16:06:12
  • working on october& #039;s dinner menu. i predict ryan will work late on the 21st. liver & onions for dinner. 17:05:15
  • grace has been left unattended w/a bag of almonds. wonder if she& #039;ll be eating dinner tonight… 17:32:24

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