Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-04

  • @mommyknows watched (ok fast fwded through) the tech show last night & saw your cute red hair up in there. :) & yes, stunning new pic btw! in reply to mommyknows 08:34:04
  • RT @ryan_burns: Made chili w/o beer in it. Stupid gluten. & yes, there is gluten free beer. no, it& #039;s not going in my chili.)// sorry… 14:57:50
  • . @ryan_burns made gf chili. i just put a skillet of gf cornbread in the oven. mmm….. 14:58:16
  • having a cup of yogurt w/greens powder mixed in for the lunch i almost forgot to eat. same thing for breakfast. i foresee a huge dinner. 15:04:58
  • RT @Eglentyne: <–Dreams of a world where they finally give Pam Oliver an NFL booth commentator job. 15:55:00
  • cleaned out the deep freezer. i have 4 gallon bags of beef liver in there. that& #039;s just not normal. 17:12:20

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