Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-05

  • have 3lbs of garlic here. going to ferment some (pickle) & make some into a tincture for cold/flu remedy = liquor store run today. 08:42:37
  • making ginger cold/cough syrup. & #039;reduce by half by simmering w/o boiling& #039;. not as easy as it sounds for some reason. 08:44:37
  • & no, no one& #039;s sick. just wanted to be ahead of the game this year. 08:45:08
  • @mommyknows yes! the & #039;olive oil dough& #039; from artisan bread in 5min/day. i convert to whole wheat. both white & ww are great & crazy easy. in reply to mommyknows 08:49:15
  • @rhiamom syrups: the pdf & recipe on this post (LZ& #039;s). . garlic: lots of & #039;recipes& #039; via google. i randomly chose one. in reply to rhiamom 08:54:38
  • @mommyknows not sure. i can email you the recipe but won& #039;t be for a couple hours. (+/-) in reply to mommyknows 08:57:40
  • @mommyknows just emailed it b/c it does best w/some time in the fridge (you don& #039;t have to though). enjoy! in reply to mommyknows 09:28:23
  • RT @ryan_burns: I just IM& #039;d with my 5 year old.// 4 year old. 10:38:21
  • @mommyknows: @Racycaseye: I don& #039;t get it in a ??? I get "I& #039;m done." Then when I don& #039;t move fast enough- "I said & #039;I& #039;m DONE& #039;!"// me too! in reply to mommyknows 13:56:05
  • went out to buy leotards & ballet shoes also came home w/fall clothes, pj& #039;s, slippers & a blender. mostly from consignment at least… 14:01:40
  • feel compelled to note all but the blender were for the kids. ;) i& #039;m not a ballerina. 14:03:49
  • just realized 4got 2 stop by the liquor store. probably subconscious error. feel really weird going in there w/the kids. 14:23:56
  • stewing a retired laying hen for dinner tonight. she might be small chested but her fat is pretty much neon yellow. amazing! 14:50:21
  • every now & then i wish i had a dutch oven. not often enough to warrant buying or finding a place to store one, but every now & then… 14:55:18
  • washing instructions for the kids pj& #039;s included ironing instructions. do people iron pj& #039;s? i don& #039;t iron ANYTHING, can& #039;t fathom pj& #039;s. 16:13:57
  • just came in from the playground, house smells delicious. lifted asher to smell the chick. stew: "eww..that smells like SHIRT stew". 17:53:11

One thought on “Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-05

  1. I am hoping that it was girl child size leotards that you bought ! Don’t try for any adult