Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-06

  • RT @JSBBible: "The gospel is an invitation to receive a gift. But many people hear it as a summons to do better." (Sinclair Ferguson) 07:32:43
  • i& #039;ve got 5 kids running around my house right now. they& #039;re some of my 5 favorite ones so it& #039;s all good. 09:34:01
  • trying to convince the kids (that aren& #039;t mine) to call me "Mrs. B". that& #039;d be awesome. 09:47:55
  • the next time i render tallow think i& #039;ll put it into ice cube trays instead of jars. takes FOREVER to get soft enough to scoop out! #fb 14:40:24
  • someday i will get around 2 batch cooking mushroom cream sauce so these quick recipes that call for a can of soup will be ….well, quick! 15:31:23
  • glimpse into my brain: hmm seems like it needs something maybe some.. (in the voice of a ghost) NO, FOLLOW THE RECIPE..FOLLOW THE RECIPE!!! 15:44:42
  • my brain& #039;s response: & #039;dude, that recipe was abandoned 30 minutes ago. guidelines. they& #039;re just guidelines& #039; 15:48:31
  • and THAT is why @ryan_burns is usually afraid to sit down to dinner. never know what you& #039;re gonna get. 15:49:39
  • @rhiamom heck yeah! i used mine the past 3 nights for crispy nuts. mmm…… in reply to rhiamom 16:05:56
  • always feel like i need to explain that i& #039;m making tinctures when buying a half gallon of 100 proof vodka. i don& #039;t. but i WANT to. #fb 16:13:13
  • @rhiamom no! similar density to raw, but more…crispy. granola hurts my teeth. so it& #039;s not like that at all. in reply to rhiamom 16:17:47
  • reading "the jungle book" to asher. i& #039;ve never read it before, really enjoying it! 16:52:49
  • trying to explain A.M. & P.M. to 4.5yo. he wasn& #039;t satisfied w/morning & night. "what about lunchtime?" 19:44:04
  • bustin& #039; out the new blender (nothing fancy). first order of business? puree some garlic for tincturing. 21:08:17
  • probably should have used the food processor instead of blender. live & learn. my back& #039;s killing me, so i& #039;m calling it quits kitchen. 22:19:20

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