Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-08

  • kids playing in room till clock says they can come down. I can hear Asher reading "the big picture storybook bible" to grace on the monitor. 08:34:56
  • RT @Pizzazza: NPR is coming by today to interview me on buying local. 13:32:24
  • @mommyknows re: burt& #039;s bees: & for acne sufferers only. in reply to mommyknows 13:36:46
  • I luv bubble & bee shampoo. have used it for 6mo. Debunking Hair myths & reminder 2 appreciate the hair God gave u: 14:33:40
  • ever had leftovers on menu & late in the day realize u don& #039;t really HAVE much leftover? it& #039;s fish or soup. no likes those choices but me. 15:47:11
  • i have bible study 2night. @ryan_burns took kids on the bus to a restaurant 4 dinner. VERY sweet even if it was mostly 2 avoid leftovers ;) 19:07:30
  • i& #039;m not cool enough 4 my & #039;vintage& #039; (thrift store) red leather trench coat (bought in college) anymore. i& #039;m ok w/that. u want it? #fb 19:12:35
  • yeah…women& #039;s group is 1st & 3rd thursdays. no idea where i came up w/it being tonight. at least no one was home. less embarrassing. 21:09:40
  • just put this book on hold. Saw the title when looking up another book. has the potential to be hilarious: 21:53:54
  • with the rate increase it& #039;s officially cheaper to drive to library storytime than ride the bus….unless i get a parking ticket. bummer 22:20:34

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