Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-09

  • might try to avoid twitter till i watch the office (dvr). 09:16:41
  • & #039;mom! i heard dupe dupe dupe! i think it& #039;s daddy!& #039; ok. i& #039;ll check in a min. get out & he& #039;s typed: "jen iz in   the bath erom." #4yocanIM 10:45:22
  • mostly odd that he called me jen (with one N at that) 10:45:55
  • wondering how long, "operation keep thermostat @ 59 degrees during the day" will last. 13:00:23
  • more funny? funnier? ugh? grammar. i stink. 14:37:41
  • "i think it was a million, or 4 or 5.." think we might need to start incorporating math into our day…. #fb 15:14:51
  • butternut squash casserole with dinner tonight. mmm….fall….. 17:12:29
  • i& #039;m going to wear my big poofy winter coat tonight. hope @ryan_burns won& #039;t be embarrassed of his wimpy wife. :) 18:27:31

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