Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-10-13

  • for the record i MAY have exaggerated about the 6days w/o a bath & i discovered @ryan_burns showered the kids while i was out last night. 08:20:47
  • encouraging asher 2 & #039;learn to like& #039; veggies. "but mom, maybe this is just the way God made me. to not like vegetables & most fruits." 09:05:48
  • RT @UpfrontTheatre: pair of tickets for this weekend for the best end of this sentence: " @Upfronttheatre, I laughed so hard that I…" #uft 11:01:19
  • quick well check for grace today. all & #039;normal& #039; & managed 2 leave without the H1N1 vax w/o the doc. making me cry. though was a tad tense. 11:12:23
  • off to soccer practice! ha. i& #039;m a soccer mom. 11:22:23
  • so sick of being flighty & forgetful. thought practice was @ 10:45. no. it was 10:00-10:45. not good. 13:03:16
  • choose words carefully when explaining nursing homes. asher drew pic 2 give someone @ a home near us & wrote on it: "Love You Old Persin" 15:10:45
  • & #039;The Herbal Medicine-Maker& #039;s handbook, a Home Manual& #039; just arrived. :) now i& #039;m really gonna be dangerous. 16:34:30
  • actually i guess it will help me be LESS dangerous… 16:37:44
  • been one of those days that i have only sat down 1x other than driving so far…starting to feel it…. 16:56:49
  • home stretch. 4 loads of laundry to fold, then i can sit till dinnertime. …i think… 17:18:19
  • @jakebelder nice! in reply to jakebelder 18:58:09
  • i think for the first time in 4 years i am going to not do the dishes tonight. stick a fork in me. 20:37:17
  • ok again i exaggerated a bit. the only dishes left are 2 large pots. not like the kitchen is full of bug inviting materials. 20:39:07

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