Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-11-24

  • of course the day i cave and tell the kids we're going to jump around fun zone (half off today), it's not raining… 11:05:27
  • @mommyknows day after thanksgiving. that way instead of it being depressing to take it down after christmas, i'm more than ready. :) in reply to mommyknows 13:14:29
  • just back from a morning of kids running, bouncing & sliding while I read math & art lesson books & did some 'preschool'/crafts planning. 13:16:46
  • entering a new phase in life. asher reads pretty darn well these days & reads my emails & twitter over my shoulder. 14:51:37
  • wonder if that means i should unfollow @presbypaul. 14:53:41
  • my wedding ring has slipped off my finger & flung itself across the room 3 times today. 16:25:32

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