Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-11-27

  • @mommyknows nice, we watched that last night too. "i know way too much about andy's scrotum"…lol. in reply to mommyknows 08:45:34
  • dreamed about being back in college wearing a baby wrapped in a moby. & ryan from the office was in all my classes. he was really annoying 08:52:43
  • @mommyknows sent u an email. in reply to mommyknows 09:17:28
  • making pizza crust from sprouted whole wheat flour 4 the first time today. i love new experiments….when they turn out right anyway… 10:32:32
  • gifts for the natural nuts in your life: i'm not getting perks for this. i just LOVE their stuff. 11:31:54
  • @jen_justice awww….. super fun in reply to jen_justice 13:32:34
  • it's sunny today! asher told grandparents yest. that it was sunny, but it was just NOT raining. today it's realio trulio sunny. 14:15:44
  • @rhiamom yep! this sunday! our christmas music started yest. afternoon, ha. in reply to rhiamom 17:23:31
  • back from the tree farm. christmas music playing, tree being decorated. 17:23:46
  • .@ryan_burns bought me bordeaux 4 thanksgiving. finishing it off 2night. forgot how much i enjoy french "dirt wine" as he calls it. 19:34:57
  • watching "up" w/our pizza tonight. keeps making me cry. very sweet but get to the funny stuff already! 20:31:36

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