Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-11-30

  • lots 2 do today making up for the laziest weekend on earth. least i'm up 2 date on housework. i just refused to LEAVE the house this weekend 08:12:03
  • the last remaining Triops (aka: Jim) has definitely been eating his poop. does this mean he'll be dying soon? 08:14:58
  • rainy day blues….blah. hate when the weather affects me. 13:12:02
  • @mommyknows our new(ly refurbished) iphones just arrived. any must-have apps you love? in reply to mommyknows 15:18:14
  • rockin out 2night w/some musicians 2 practice for some christmas music @ the church party. …ok so might not be rocking but i get to play! 18:56:45
  • @drdolly nice! i wasn't in school that long, but spent lots of time w/college students for long enough 2 think holiday = break 21:00:46
  • RT @ryan_burns Yup… Tweeting from my new iPhone// me too. :) in reply to ryan_burns 22:41:08

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