Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-01

  • Just watched a YouTube demo of cutting up a chicken. It would appear my trouble is dull knives. 09:23:10
  • @rhiamom thx! good to know. what i need is a knife sharpening class! in reply to rhiamom 09:57:52
  • grace is playing a shapes quiz game on my iphone. she loves when they cheer for her. 10:00:04
  • Contacts moved to the new phone. Now I just need to send out the "I have a new phone #" email 11:11:23
  • RT @UpfrontTheatre Dec 17th @ Bham High School; benefit show 4 studnts & tchrs of Whatcom MS fire. tix@ The Upfront or in reply to UpfrontTheatre 12:24:03
  • RT @jakebelder Launching a movement to boycott gas stations that charge for air. Who's in? in reply to jakebelder 12:52:52
  • Going to attempt to make a cloth quiver for a 5yr old birthday present…that needs to be done before 5:30pm 14:08:14
  • Did I mention I'm not following a pattern? Getting to the section where I'm not sure i'm doing it right. Guess we're about to find out 15:04:06
  • – Army signal quiver not to be confused w/a duffel bag 16:04:09
  • Finally coming around to the idea of starting a grocery price list. It helps that there's an app for it. 22:21:22

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