Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-02

  • @rhiamom I'm playing with shopee & grocery gadget lite (both free) in reply to rhiamom 09:35:52
  • just corrected strawberry shortcake re: chickens need grain to make eggs. 'but they need lots of grass & bugs too'. #realfood indoctrination 14:51:38
  • A friend dropped off some kombu kelp last night. Grace is eating it straight out of the bag. Salt fiend! 15:18:49
  • email w/new phone # has been sent. if i missed you & you want the new # then email me for it. the 804 # will no longer work #fb 16:33:48
  • thankful for alarms. almost forgot to pick up dry cleaning today 17:41:55

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