Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-03

  • Strawberry/blueberry smoothie w/kelp for breakfast. I was nervous but you'd never guess there's kelp. 09:44:39
  • In related news, we need to pick way more blue & strawberries next year. Running low already. 09:45:50
  • Dear Santa, this game looks very cool 09:49:43
  • grace on silent night: "sleep in heavenly please, sleep in heavenly please" 11:10:34
  • 2 people in line w/us @ post office apparently have turrets. 1 in front 1 behind me. Kids have officially Been exposed 2 the f-bomb 12:03:35
  • the kids watched a dvd about fire fighters. asher's giving me the fire safety tips run down. 17:26:07
  • @whatcomwines @Ryan_burns has had some good help from Tim too. :) in reply to whatcomwines 18:04:04
  • Forgot to cook up rice & I'm not leaving the house…fish, green beans &….? 18:08:24
  • RT @ryan_burns Anyone in Bellingham know where I can rent a 2-3 bedroom place for under $900 month-to-month? Leads appreciated. in reply to ryan_burns 18:26:20
  • @rhiamom yeah I got nothin. Found some corn though. & I'll have sour kraut :) in reply to rhiamom 18:52:22
  • i love buying books for people. is that selfish giving? it's like match-making. 21:13:30
  • catching up on last night's 'so you think you can dance'. legion of extraordinary dancers. wow! that was awesome. 21:28:31
  • i should clarify i love buying books for kids. i don't know anything about adults books. been out of the loop for more than a few years. 21:42:00
  • the 'snoop dog' segment not so awesome. but then again i'm probably an old lady. 21:47:55
  • @mommyknows late on this but: already? Day after thanksgiving that bad boy goes up! in reply to mommyknows 22:28:56

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