Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-05

  • Wow, adzuki beans sprout fast. 08:34:18
  • Almond meal pancakes + hempler's bacon = :) 09:13:03
  • Kids are starting basketball clinic. Curious to see how this goes 11:04:59
  • – Grace in the background not wanting 2play 11:15:31
  • Grace is involved now but we need 2 work on following instructions. Ha. At least today is free 11:32:27
  • I guess the rumors are true. Homeschool kids don't know how lines work. 11:54:58
  • A big thanks to the western wash univ girls basketball tram for running the ymca free clinic! 12:08:43
  • Asher says 'kasplode'. I've never corrected him b/c I think it's funny. 13:30:05
  • About to grocery shop w/shoppee & grocery gadget apps. Would be nice if they were combined & had a UPC scan option 14:16:42
  • Just saved $1 on milk thx to shoppee. 14:56:30
  • @JSBBible talked about what 'more than eyes can see' means w/my son yest. due to listening to that chapter in the car. in reply to JSBBible 17:44:00
  • Misread cooking instructions. Tonights beef vindaloo will be 30-45 min late. 18:15:58
  • An upside to freezing temps: I can use the garage as an extra fridge. 22:27:43

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