Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-09

  • Grace thinks being poor means not having a house or children. 09:11:41
  • Practice run grain-free monkey bread failed as monkey bread but is stills yummy breakfast. 09:14:19
  • Wish my phone keyboard had arrow keys. Touching where I want the cursor to go doesn't work very often. 09:22:32
  • Science experiment w/cups of water: outside water froze, garage water did not. 09:32:52
  • @rhiamom not here either. & looks like when we start getting precipitation the temp will be going back up so it'll just be rain. in reply to rhiamom 10:43:29
  • My kids only play w/blocks when I MAKE them (&they throw fits about it) yet they always have fun when they do. #thingsthatdrivemecrazy 13:12:24
  • Smoothie for MY lunch. Got overzealous on the kelp & it didn't blend up very well. Chewy smoothie time. 13:48:50
  • My daughter is crazier than me. She likes that there's chewy flakes. Gross 13:53:38
  • – She's officially confiscated my lunch. Good riddance 13:58:12
  • – Destruction. I should make them stop now…. 14:19:06
  • So tired & feel so terrible that i committed to napping. But just lying here feeling guilty instead. Guess I'll go get some work done 15:51:50
  • – Grace is rockin out to Christmas music during asher's bball practice 18:29:19
  • – Asher read a 'how to draw manga….' awhile back. Busts out the manga eyes sometimes. 23:14:08

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