Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-19

  • – It would appear this has neither garlic or wheat! Crazy 13:51:15
  • About to get started on 15lbs of mashed potatoes. 'fix freeze feast' style. #batchcooking 14:52:23
  • – Forgot I need to divvy up the pizza sauce from yesterday first. 15:05:16
  • Just calculated that the 6 pans of mashed potatoes I will be freezing cost $1.85 each. That makes me a nerd, right? 16:03:50
  • – 7nights (+ leftovers) mashed potatoes & yeah, re-purposed pie pans 16:59:25
  • Raise your hand if you're making beef fried rice & just remembered you're out of soy sauce. 19:00:59
  • Just now catching up on 'so you think you can dance' finale. need to publicly admit that I love Sonya Tayeh's work. 21:20:25

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