Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-22

  • too much time trying to RT a long message. Just gonna have to skip the middle man @jakebelder (cause i'm not going up to the computer) 08:02:36
  • RT @donmilleris: The apostles, who died martyrs, didn't know about this button: #americantheologykillsthesoul #fb 08:03:07
  • If I drink my morning tea & don't follow it with food in a short Amy of time I get extemely nauseous. Get me a banana quick! 09:03:01
  • Asher talks about the @logos kids Christmas party a lot. Mostly b/c they played Mario games. Was apparently a lifetime highlight. 09:48:48
  • Teaching the kids how to do push-ups. I am out of shape. This is a sad sight. 11:27:29
  • I can do 6 pushups before I lose my form. But the real question is how sore will 5 min of pushup instruction make me? 11:29:10
  • @Terpening no way dude. Just teaching the kids how to do 1. Ha. @Ryan_burns started that a couple yes ago though in reply to Terpening 11:39:21
  • Broccoli cheddar soup w/ leftover mashed potato pancakes for dinner tonight. @Ryan_burns loves soup for dinner. #sarcasm 12:49:05
  • Ooh, he also *loves* meatless meals. But at least in 3 days we're roasting a turkey w/all the trimmings 12:51:30
  • Grace calls my jewelry box my 'dress up drawer' 13:04:56
  • Guess I should be a nice mom & take my kids 2 the playground while it's sunny…. 13:22:36
  • The broccoli cheddar soup recipe I'm (mostly) following is supposedly Panera's. It's making me hungry. 15:38:47
  • – Mmmmm…..bacon fat…. 15:58:12
  • – Gotta let him learn sometime, but I'll be honest that I'm terrified right now. 16:25:33
  • – 36 min later…almost done & no cuts yet. He won't let me help at all. 16:59:26
  • – Meanwhile this one finally succumbed to the nap….now that it's time to get up. 17:02:22
  • "I'll be a fantastic chef once I retire from being a paleontologist" 17:05:02
  • Despite the groans & gagging from the children, Ryan & I thought the soup was very good. 19:36:26

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