Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-23

  • I offered to let the kids have Moravian sugar cake 4 breakfast. Grace: "I dont feel well so I dont want to have sugar". They do listen :) 09:20:27
  • From yesterdays pushups: arms are fine but my entire back & shoulders are sore. #pathetic 09:27:26
  • Making a shopping list. Gotta make sure I have all the ingredients for brine. Mmmmm….brined turkey… 10:42:40
  • Groceries done (costco w/kids…good grief), library then hopefully won't leave the house for the next 3 days 12:22:56
  • Woohoo! New contacts. Guy at the eye place made fun with "& those boxes should last YOU about 5 years" 13:43:57
  • @mommyknows cause otherwise when the Christmas tornado hits it'll be double the mess to clean up. + we need room for throwing paper & boxes in reply to mommyknows 16:31:14
  • I think I don't understand Christmas cards. I feel confused that a friend I see regularly just gave me one. 16:36:05
  • RT @ThriftyNWMom Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle -Free kids admission (up 2 12yrs) w/each paying adult- thru Sun Jan 3rd! in reply to ThriftyNWMom 17:44:27
  • @ryan_burns just now seeing the BBQ tweet. Messed up. ;) but accurate since I don't grill. in reply to ryan_burns 20:02:05
  • Everyone disappeared while I was washing dishes (present wrapping) so I'm hogging the wine. You snooze you lose. 20:16:46
  • Pretty messed up since they're wrapping something for me. That's just Now occurring to me. See what @Ryan_burns is dealing w/here? 20:18:06
  • RT @ryan_burns We own this Dyson and LOVE IT. Saw this deal & thought I'd pass along (about $200 less than new model) in reply to ryan_burns 21:11:28
  • So far the only commercial I've seen for Avatar is the Mcdonalds one. Which only serves to make me assume it's dumb. 22:16:29
  • Not enjoying Gilead. Beautiful language, snoozeriffic plot. Keep hoping it will get better. 23:00:57
  • I will admit that it's made me chuckle a good bit. The choosing a book to clutch if he dies waltzing in the office bit got me good. 23:14:46
  • Not sure what changed but after the waltzing comment I realized I have become endeared to old jack. Perhaps it just got better. ;) 23:43:16

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