Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-25

  • Merry Christmas! May we all enjoy the rememberence of the miracle of Christ's work today & know the joy of such a love. 07:25:28
  • Now let's cook some bacon. :) 07:25:54
  • – Had my old watch for 3.5yrs. Ryan hated it the whole time. Merry Christmas new watch. :) 10:06:18
  • RT @ryan_burns They got me. I teared up. Total right of parenthood passage. in reply to ryan_burns 10:15:52
  • – My sister made these. Amazing! 10:22:16
  • Asher "nit flakes? What's that?" Net FIix 11:16:19
  • Just got dressed. Thought you might like to know that. 13:49:46
  • The gravy is smooth but weird. Guess whole grain millet flour isn't a good gravy rue mix. So still have never made good gravy 15:39:13
  • The thing about the huge late holiday lunch is that the kids will still expect dinner & can't fix it themselves while I'm in a food coma 17:03:59

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