Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-01

  • – We have a pirate & a princess in the house this morning 09:27:18
  • Relaxing guitar music on the iPod…but just realized current song is schindler's list theme. Pretty but kinda weird. 09:32:34
  • 95% of the time no problems w/amazon, shop w/them A LOT. but the 5% that i do need to contact them: it's nearly impossible to do so!!! 10:18:55
  • for example: NOT contacting them about an order but a problem w/my account…not related to an order ID. pls stop asking 4 the order ID!!!! 10:24:41
  • ugh. i'm a big fat idiot. sorry amazon. phone call resolved it. i have 2 accounts & didn't know it. 10:33:04
  • it would seem my problems (& new account) originated w/the kindle iphone app. can't figure out how to fix it. any help? 10:59:25
  • whew, nevermind folks i figured it out. NOT how i was planning to spend the morning…i just wanted 2 see how much i pay for clif bars! 11:06:32
  • they're cheaper at costco btw. :) 11:06:44
  • Sounds like the neighbors I've never met are playing garage band. It would be rude to invite myself over for it, right? 17:02:41

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