Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-08

  • I almost starting brewing my bedtime tea instead of oolong. That wouldn't have been very helpful right now 07:47:22
  • @harmonymatters I read this info elsewhere awhile back & totally forgot about it…..sheesh in reply to harmonymatters 07:50:30
  • "Asher, if she says her shadow's arm is broken, then it's broken! Please leave her shadow alone."// #ifyouwereaflyonthewall 09:31:24
  • Errand day: dry cleaners, stuff to a friend, library, groceries, doctor appt. 09:36:48
  • Asher just got his first library card! 12:05:07
  • I <3 Laurie Berkner. Kinda pathetic, huh? #fb 12:52:49
  • grace called me up to her room (naptime) to tell me 'surprising news': apparently the word 'star' starts w/the letter S. i'm so surprised. 14:31:39
  • Reminiscing about going 4 a morning run then picking oranges off the tree in our yard for post run juice in florida. I do miss that. 18:16:21
  • – I've been anticipating this beer for the past 6 days. Hooray pizza night! 18:54:58
  • Oh man. That's good beer. I bought it on sale. Full price was around $8 I think. Ugh. Why does expensive beer have 2b SO good? 19:07:18
  • @presbypaul it's Canadian: La Fin Du Monde ('triple fermentation') & yes, we have lots of good beer! in reply to presbypaul 19:46:28

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