Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-13

  • can't tell if i'm homesick or experiencing S.A.D & looking for a more tangible explanation for my feelings. pictures of summer help a bit. 09:29:18
  • 45min of yoga w/the kids (via dvd's from 5yrs ago). surprisingly productive workout. 10:45:31
  • Homemade chocolates trial #3. Palm sugar as the sweetener. Here we go! 11:59:24
  • palm sugar chocolate: sugar didn't melt, so sweetness wasn't evenly dispersed. Grace & i liked the bitter/sweet combo. asher did not. #fb 12:52:09
  • course Grace & i also like to eat plain old cacao nibs by themselfs by the handful. so not sure you can trust our judgment. 12:52:53
  • grace is telling me about the pet dog she will have when she's an adult living in her town called Canada with her husband Elias. #fb 13:20:19
  • @marusekmi btw forgot to send encouragement earlier: don't do it!!! :) 15:36:25
  • @marusekmi that's it. i'm unfollowing you. ;) in reply to marusekmi 15:52:16
  • asher's handwriting worksheet today is, "Asher Burns is crazy". I thought it was funny, but turns out he's a little offended. 15:52:50

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