Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-15

  • Howling wind banging stuff into the house all night + children talking in thier sleep = tired momma today. 08:34:14
  • Muffins w/raspberry jam made w/raspberries we picked. Mmmm…the taste of summer! 09:09:45
  • "mom, when is strawberry season again?" 5 months. "oh. That e-noys me. My tummy SO wants 5 bowls of strawberries." I hear ya girl 09:19:25
  • time to start making chocolate birthday cake for tomorrow (it's best after a night in the fridge). #fb 11:55:57
  • had to sub some flax seed + water for 2 of the 5 eggs in the cake recipe. didn't realize i was short on eggs. arg. 12:35:57
  • the kids are hiding under the bed making a secret shopping list that i'm not allowed to see. i'm trying not to eavesdrop. #fb 14:27:26
  • just went for a quick pre-naptime walk b/c THE SUN has made an appearance. quick everyone, stare directly into it. soak it up… :) 14:55:53
  • Not the prettiest creation, but tasty. I cut it in half & stacked it. 16:54:08
  • now to clean the kitchen for the 3rd time, so i can mess it up again for pizza in an hour. 16:59:38

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