Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-19

  • Grace says "erupt" instead of "interrupt". yet another mistake i never correct b/c it's funny. #fb 08:59:05
  • having the rest of the broccoli cheddar soup from the freezer for lunch. need to make that again. makes a good winter lunch. 13:22:43
  • making liver pate w/beef liver for the first time today. i'll admit i'm nervous. we LOVE chicken liver pate, we'll see how this goes. 13:32:37
  • & by 'we' i mean the kids & myself. haven't gotten @ryan_burns on the liver pate train. 13:33:49
  • oh my. it tastes like dog food smells. blech! i'll stick it in the fridge & see if it gets milder (&/or if the kids like it) tomorrow. 13:56:04
  • It would seem i have a secret admirer…except I know his handwriting. :) 15:36:10
  • grace just saw the flowers. i think she thinks they're for her. she's beside herself w/joy & love of flowers. 16:54:59

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