Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-20

  • about to go for a jog pushing 75lbs of children in the jogging stroller. No, let's be realistic. i'm going for a walk. #fb 10:07:55
  • settled for a jog/fast walk in 2min. intervals. pretty sad how long the 2min. jogging felt. kids joined me for 1 interval. that was nice. 11:00:34
  • Grace is now doing "Yoda stretches", which appears to be very similar to yoGa. #fb 11:06:41
  • beef liver pate on day 2 is edible. not as good as chicken liver pate, but edible at least…still not recommended though. 12:06:00
  • the kids both asked for 3rds of pate. guess it's not that bad. 13:31:09

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