Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-26

  • Coffee machine @logos is broken, so ryan just left for work w/a full pot of coffe in his bag. #smartbutweird 08:57:01
  • 'handwash only' children's clothing: does not compute. Good luck in the washing machine pretty little dress. #fb 09:08:43
  • It's sunny so taking the kids outside. But it's cold so I don't WANT to go outside (complain much?) 12:37:14
  • fedex tracking is no fun. should be delivered tomorrow but showing it's supposedly in the state it originated (ohio). 14:38:41
  • @jen_justice yay! in reply to jen_justice 15:07:54
  • No shower in 2 days, but no stink…homemade deodorant success! Need 2 work on consistency though….guess I'll shower tomorrow to celebrate 15:11:26
  • Well, thank the Lord for phone calendar reminders. Almost forgot we need to leave in 15min for basketball practice. 16:52:42

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