Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-27

  • Dreamed about practicing my flute. I dont do that enough 08:08:48
  • going 2 attempt multitasking to get sunshine in today. moving beanbags outside for storytime in the driveway. 13:30:53
  • RT ryan_burns Look jenn, i'm eating veggies. // wow, greenery on a sandwich! he's coming around folks. :) 14:25:48
  • an hour reading to the kids outside was nice. now to get to work on this lasagna. & dare i say it? perhaps work on February's mealplan? 14:27:14
  • lasagna finished + another batch ready to go in the freezer for @philgons & his wife when they babysit for us next week. 15:40:47
  • really not good at coming up w/dinner ideas that can be heated up in 30min or less. lots of busy nights coming up this month. 16:18:01
  • – Only four empty days. No too shabby. Don't mind the lack of variety or fun stuff. 16:42:28

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