Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-01-31

  • Dear fairy in my left ear: glad that you've finally stopping making high pitch squeals, but I'd appreciate less of the needle jabs now. 08:33:05
  • Chocolate powder covers a mulititude of green smoothie sins. #AlmostOverDidItThisTime #fb 09:00:46
  • Going to church solo. Rest of the family are fighting (mild) colds. Can't remember theast time i went alone. Kinda sad. 09:51:01
  • Hmm…..sorry about that there grammar folks to whom it annoys. ;) 09:54:52
  • RT @drdolly RT @thefatherlife: The iPad vs. The iDad! {comparison chart will make you smile} in reply to drdolly 13:46:06
  • Starting to get that 'crazy tired b/c i didn't sleep last night' feeling. Must. Not. Nap… 16:09:34

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