Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-01

  • 2hrs of sleep. There is a nap in my future today. 07:54:15
  • Always wonder who those folks are when I walk by this picture 10:14:12
  • That's right@jakebelder 'Folks'. & I don't just write that word, I say it too. Thought you'd like that. 10:19:11
  • @jakebelder thought I remembered you complaining about people using that word awhile back. Ha, guess it was the opposite. in reply to jakebelder 10:32:11
  • So, @Ryan_burns deserves a sweet hero award 4 putting up w/his crazy wife making him check out noises all night. Any ideas? 10:40:20
  • My sweet son tried hard to get me to buy myself crab legs @ the grocery store. I didn't but he sure was pushing the sale. 12:12:46
  • Frozen bananas + blender = kids don't know it's not ice cream. 12:26:03
  • @deadwoods Asher asked what u do w/the worms when u want 2 bathe. I told him it's a diff set up in the new house. U still have worms? 13:13:08
  • Feel like a zombie. However, the kids have been gems today. A real treat. Very blessed. 17:03:11

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