Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-05

  • "your talk talks & your walk talks, but your walk talks more than your talk talks." — From 'Don't make me count to three!' 08:09:50
  • if the coffeepot were here i would make some. very tired today. tried the french press w/a paper filter (mesh is missing) but it didn't work 13:05:04
  • asher: "your arms are candy & your legs are m&m's. Your head is like a brownie & your eyes are gumdrops". new SOS interpretation? 13:22:42
  • @Ryan_burns: pls go outside for a bit soon. Super bright warm sun! 13:34:58
  • Darn. Homemade deodorant fail. parts of my yellow shirt have become orange today. :( figured it was too good 2b true 16:38:04

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