Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-11

  • just placed an order to replace some clothing articles i have that are over 10yrs old 09:49:16
  • put a couple coffee beans into today's smoothie. coffee flavored berries. not so good. 10:08:11
  • due to fix freeze feast advance prep & chicken in crockpot: I'm finished 'making' tonight's dinner @ 9:30am 10:39:26
  • happy birthday @jakebelder! (just happened to visit facebook on the computer vs. phone today & saw the notification) 11:03:57
  • @jakebelder weird. Fb def had it listed as 'today' in reply to jakebelder 12:16:28
  • @jakebelder ha. 'today' is listed next to my brother in law. 'friday' is yours. oops. in reply to jakebelder 13:29:58
  • it's hard having someone telling you what to do & not do constantly all day. trying 2 remember that as i get frustrated doing the telling. 13:31:20
  • Asher's putting Books on hold on the library website on HIS account. :) boy after my own heart. 14:09:03
  • Trying buckwheat porridge tomorrow. Rumor has it it's the new oatmeal. ;) 15:10:22
  • Stupid stupid stupid. Just found a coupon in my pocket I forgot to use…$20 off. Arg. 17:04:06

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