Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-22

  • i boil 2 pots of water 2 give my green tea a 30 sec decaffeinating dip b4 steeping in the regular pot. seems i forgot the 2nd step today. 08:31:31
  • daughter has had a growth spurt. will need to clothes shop soon. 10:34:59
  • In line at store 1 of 3 for our Monday errands & discovered I forgot my wallet. Arg. 10:52:35
  • Playing vowel bingo w/chocolate chips 12:32:43
  • Asher thinks I should enter our craisin-liver pate- rice cracker sandwich in a food network competition 12:56:14
  • fighting urge to nap on the back porch in the sun…today is a workday, i will do work. today is a workday…. 15:39:51
  • thought i'd finally buy the fridge phonics lowercase letters expansion pack. discontinued. would have 2 buy a whole new gizmo. arg. 16:58:33

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