John Piper, Thank-you.

If you don’t know John Piper, I encourage you to get to know him.

As I look into history and often wonder if the folks in Geneva really knew what they had in Calvin… or if those in Germany knew the greatness of Luther… Did Augustine’s contemporaries know that people would treasure his works so long after his death? If I were to wager, I think that, in our generation (should the Lord tarry) that John Piper will be one who stand the test of time as a herald for the cause of Christ that will echo on and on. Yes, in our day and age we have many great authors, preachers, teachers… but if you’ve ever read or heard Piper, you know there is something different. Everything about this man exudes the gospel. He is truly remarkable.

While there are numerous things about Piper that I could share with you, the thing that prompted this post is that he gives away his book… no questions asked. The man could make a fortune on all that he has written, yet he chooses to make it available free to those who ask. Not only that, but he posts every sermon he’s ever preached and many of his books online… all for free. We are honestly talking about millions of dollars of potential revenue… Given away that people might hear the Good news of Jesus Christ.

The amazing thing is the far reaching impact that this has on the world. See, John Piper doesn’t know me… and he doesn’t know that I lean more toward melancholy… and that, for some reason, I was a bit depressed today. However, this evening I was able, at no cost to me, to sit and read “When the Darkness Will Not Lift.” The words of this small booklet reminded me of many things I already knew, encouraged me with some new things, and challenged me to fight for joy in Christ alone.

Mr. Piper… John… Though I doubt you’ll ever read my blog… Thanks. In your own words:

“the true usefullness of our (YOUR) preaching will not be know to us until all the fruit on all the branches on all the trees that have sprung up from all the seeds we’ve ever sown has fully ripened in the sunshine of eternity”
The Supremacy of God in Preaching – p.22

Again John Piper, thank-you.

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