Just starting to settle

Over just the past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about how I’m starting to feel more comfortable here in Winter Park, and beginning to get beyond the uncomfortable “getting to know you” phase with a few friends (i.e. less worry about them thinking i’m weird now that i think they sufficiently know that i am in fact weird). Something that got me really choked up the other day though was a discussion with asher. To preface: since we moved here in january the sentence, “momma, i don’t like our florida house, I just want our virginia house” was common. Even after discussions about a fun day or something, he would often end it with that.
So one day last week, he was listing his “best friends” (which were all boys from VA). I didn’t say anything, was just listening (honestly i had my eyes closed, head in hands trying to mentally will him to finish going potty so i could get back to whatever it was i was doing). He was quiet for a bit & then said,

“mom, i think i like our florida house now. i don’t want our virginia house anymore”.

He’s said it now a few times since, always completely out of the blue & unprompted. There are 4 boys from VA that he always lists first when talking about who his friends are (John, Jude, Jack & Jack), but he’s beginning to add a few “florida friends” in the mix as well.

In my experience & that of others (as well as what the ‘experts’ say) it takes 1-3 years to really get settled in a new place. Some days are harder than others, but it’s nice to have hit kind of an upswing here lately.

One thought on “Just starting to settle

  1. Awesome! So glad to hear it (although I’m still praying that one day God will tell you guys to move back to your VA house . . . perhaps I should start Asher’s mantra before I go to bed every night . . . although Dave might find it kind of weird for me to list out all my “best friends” . . . )