Justin Holcomb

I was browsing my professor’s church website this morning and came across a text of one of his recent sermons.  Let me just say, if I lived in Charlottesville, I might have to become Episcopal so I could hear this every Sunday.

One thought on “Justin Holcomb

  1. Hi Ryan!

    I’ve never met you or Jenn, but Jenn and I correspond via email (and when I DO comment on the women’s online bible study). Anyway, I lurk on your blog once in awhile. Noticed your post and Steve remembers this prof from RTS whom he had 2 years ago. Doesn’t he teach at UVa…the lone ranger alternative (conservative) perspective to the die-hard liberal views of all the other profs on campus? Anyway, Steve was wondering if you have any contact info for him…email or work phone number here in CVille.

    Also, I wanted to ask if you or Jenn would be interested in doing a guest post on my blog. I’m starting up a summer series on Fun and Inexpensive Things for Families to Do when Traveling. I’m featuring guest bloggers from various cities across the U.S. (Seattle, D.C., Portland, Chicago, etc.) I’m kicking off the series on Tuesday with Charlottesville (what better way to get to know our new city!). Would you be interested in writing about free-inexpensive family activities in Orlando? Deadline early or mid-August.

    Let me know!!