Keeping up appearances

The sunday night bible study we’ve been going to did not meet this week, so we had a little cookout w/the bible study folk tonight instead (at our house). One of the things I love about having people over is that it leads me to get some things done around the house that (almost) never get done otherwise. Things like needing to remove the kids’ booster seats from their chairs at the table which forces me to enter into hand to washcloth combat with the horrible monsters that have grown in the sticky crumbly goo that lurks beneath…..and sweeping the kids’ bathroom floor. I mean…I CLEAN their bathroom…tub, toilet, sink…but the floor has a tendency to get neglected.

and now you know the rest of the story…. ;)

i don’t know if it’s a typical “want to impress them with my meticulously clean house” or a more altruistic “i’d like to provide a comfortable clean environment for my guests to enjoy”…either way, i appreciate the motivation to seek & destroy overlooked gross stuff. so thx ‘bible study folk’. it was fun to hang out, & my house is clean(er).

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