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I felt inspired by a friend to catalog some of Grace’s speech patterns…but I can’t think of anything right now except for: Yasher = Asher
And she went through a phase last month where she was ending all songs (including ones like baa-baa black sheep, the ABC’s ect.) with “Amen” (doxology-style). But even that is waning. Still does it on occasion.

She is however speaking much more clearly lately (not that there aren’t plenty of opportunities to employ the use of our in-house translator…tonight he translated “Fried Chicken” for me…don’t ask me how she said it, i have no idea). She’s never lacked for words…just didn’t until recently have very many INTELLIGIBLE ones.

She has also somehow gotten cuter. I know..doesn’t seem possible. I think it has to do with the increase in understandability or something. All that physical drama with cute little words to match. Cracks me up. I believe she is destined for the stage. I could just chew on her all day if she’d let me (and she does have a high tolerance for letting me chew on her). I talked her into pig tails the other day and decided that she will henceforth and forevermore wear them. That lasted all of one day. Maybe some day she’ll start keeping things in her hair!

Speaking of Asher: That’s his new thing. “Speaking of ____, how about we ____” or “Speaking of ____, can I ____?” Most of the time he uses it properly, which is pretty funny. Today I bought some palm sugar from the Asian grocery down the road and let them have a little bite when we got home. Later i called Grace sugar. He looked up from his “Where’s Waldo” book from across the room and said, “Speaking of sugar, can we have some more palm sugar?” He doesn’t miss much.

Guess while i’m at it I’ll do a book update. We’re still working our way through the Narnia chronicles during naptime, though we hit a wall with the Silver Chair. It’s been 2 weeks and we still have a chapter left. This is partially because I’ve had quite a few bulk kitchen projects to work on during naptime thus cutting reading short (or rather…keeping to time, instead of blowing just about the whole 2hrs on reading), and partially because he just wasn’t as into this one. I can see why though, it was much more nuanced (not sure if i used that properly) than the others thus far and a lot just whizzed over his head. There’s been a lot of that throughout of course, but the other stories had plenty of easy to grasp general stuff-going-on that he wasn’t lost for the main plot. I suspect the only reason he hasn’t given up entirely is because he knows the next (and last) book is called, “The Last Battle”. He’s all about battles.

And speaking of battles: Being that Knights are among his favorite things: We have been reading “The Story of Sir Lancelot and his companions“. Yeah…published in 1927 or something? Old English style, chock full of “thee, thou, whilst”. It was one of many (similar) books we picked up from the library that I randomly put on hold looking for “knight books” at his request. When we went to pick up the holds, Asher saw them before I had a chance to put them back and after seeing the title and flipping through the pictures, home they went. However, I told him I would not be reading any of them until after we finished the narnia books….and even then…that he probably wouldn’t understand these ones (i know, i probably shouldn’t say those things… i so didn’t WANT to read it). Anyhow, one day he suckered me into reading a chapter and sure enough, he understands more than I’d expect. I can’t decide if he REALLY knows what’s going on or if he just likes to sit for books (there’s almost no pictures in this one)…sometimes i wonder if he’d sit through the dictionary. But then i remember that twice he’s asked me to stop reading “The silver chair”. I’d love to see a movie clip of what’s going on in his mind while I read. Besides, it’s much more interesting (and funny) than I expected and though slightly tounge-tying, not as much as I expected. It’s kinda fun to ‘talk medieval’. However, since I’m a stickler about such things, I plan to get through the last ‘narnia book’ before continuing on with Sir Lancelot (& then a similar old english King Arthur book is on his wish list….).

And a final note on Grace: While she has no interest in novels or dinosaur books, she has come to enjoy books geared for her age, which has been really fun. Every evening she picks out books for Ryan to read, often the same books that she’s asked me to read multiple times that day. I really enjoy hearing his rendition of them. Sometimes he gives me good ideas for ways to change up a book that has been read a million times. She’s also come to the stage where she ‘reads’ them to herself (always out loud), which is super cute to listen to. I like her renditions as well. In fact often when I’m reading Asher’s choice for story time, if it’s a longish one, she’ll go get a book she likes & ‘read’ it while I read his.

Alright. Enough babbling. Good night.

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  1. That is too cute. Kat likes to “read”. She likes for Keith or I to read her a book and then she’ll read it to us. Some of them, the ones she really likes, she’ll actually know by heart and repeat word for word. I plan on starting to sit down and work with her over the summer while her sisters do their summer work. She can count to ten which I’m happy about, but I want to work on learning a little more, and then also start working more on the ABC’s and writting at least our name, and colors we get confused with orange and yellow. She is I’d have to say a little more like Halei in that she seems to like numbers and have no interest in letters except to be read to.

    Halei has developed a bad habit of using for in the wrong context and it is being picked up on by her classmates who are now using it. For example she’ll say it’s raining outside for we need an umbrella. Yeah fun for me to have to pay attention closely and be sure we use the right words and so forth. I sometimes don’t catch some and Keith will correct her for me. Okay I’ve blabbed enough I think.