Kid Thoughts

Asher woke up this morning and said, “I wish we lived in Florida. Not our Florida House, because there were too many snakes, but in Florida.” I asked why. “Because I miss Syd.” I didn’t say too much about it, just sympathized wordlessly a bit, then we moved on. However throughout the morning he kept talking about various friends he missed, and finally I suggested he send some pictures and notes. He really liked this idea and made out his list of friends he wanted to send to. It was mostly “Virginia friends” and then Sydnie (ok, I can’t figure out if it’s “Sydney” or “Sydnie” or some other variation i’m missing. I’m sorry Heather if her Note is spelled wrong!). He has also this past week been mentioning a lot totally out of the blue things like, “I wish we could go visit Oma and Opa” or, “When will Nene come visit us?” or “Does Pop and Gigi live far away too?”….. It’s sweet but of course a bit sad. I’ve been a bit homesick lately too.

On a totally different (& more cheerful) topic: Today Grace was stuck on doing “knock knock” jokes. She only does one (until tonight at dinner where I worked hard to teach her another one b/c I needed some variety), which is a variation on Asher’s favorite joke.

The real version:
Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Cows who?
No! Cows MOO, OWLS hoo!

Grace’s Version:
Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Grace Who? (or Princess Who? or…enter whatever..Who?)
Grace Who?
NO! Owls hoo, Cows hoo! :) She does this a lot, but today it was pretty incessant.

4 thoughts on “Kid Thoughts

  1. Hahaha on the knock-knocks. Georgia is a fan as well. She ends them all with, “orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”. Oh well!

    Poor wee Asher, it’s no fun being homesick.

  2. Oma and opa are working on a visit out that way (along with visitst and vacations else ware)we have free air fair we think we can use to fly your way but it will be later this summer before it can happen, but we are working it :).

  3. We’re on a bit of a knock-knock joke kick as well. They usually have something to do with blue elephants and chickens. Hmm?!

    We miss you guys too! We’re actually heading to Orlando tomorrow, and I was bummed that we wouldn’t be able to drop by and see you while we’re there! Sniffle…