Kids & Fevers

I don’t know how common this is, but it seems every now & then one of my kids comes down with a random fever, that being the only symptom (and w/fever comes lethargy). They spend a day or half a day kinda bumming on the couch or wherever, maybe even sleeping more. Then the next day wake up & all is normal. This happened yesterday. Asher showed a few signs of impending illness that I didn’t catch onto yesterday morning (didn’t eat much of favorite foods, complaining about his legs ‘aching’, complaining of being cold), then by the time I came to get him out of roomtime, his face was all flushed. I still hadn’t caught on for some reason, and brought him down to help me with dinner. Instead of stirring enthusiastically, he sat down & said he was going to go chill b/c he just wanted to rest. Finally my ‘alarm’ triggered & i felt his head. Yep, definitely a fever. Again, no other symptoms. Though he sure is cute when he’s all lethargic like that (don’t tell him i said that).

Since i assume a fever means the body is fighting something, i just keep an eye on the temp but don’t give any meds. Seems important to just let the fever ride (as long as it’s not “too high”) & do it’s work killing the “bad germs”. Anyhow, I don’t know what it’s all about but he’s def. 100% today. I mean, not even so much as a sniffle (so far anyway).

Not sure the point of my rambling here other than: What’s up with that?

*** update 4hrs later:  Asher just stopped playing & asked if he could lay down & rest.  He’s lying under a blanket in the living room on the floor.  Felt his head & fever is back.  very strange.  He sure is cute though.  heh.

One thought on “Kids & Fevers

  1. Yep…happens to us too. That’s why this time threw me off. A lot of times we see fevers…but not all the other junk that we got this time. Today, I’ve felt very crummy and Jeremiah too. I guess it’s our turn. Ugh…