Kinda Spooky

So, the WTS Bookstore has sent me another free book! Seriously, if you own a blog, you need to hook up with this.

Anyway, the book they sent me was eeirly up my ally. The book is titled A Journey Worth Taking: Finding Your Place in This World and is written by Charlie Drew. Of the book, Dr. Timothy Keller has this to say:

Charles Drew has given us a great book to give away–especially to those who want a purpose-driven life and want to dig more deeply into the mysteries of that purpose. It is at once clear, personal, culturally up-to-date, and theologically rich– a perfect combination. Drew takes us a step beyond the literature that is presently available on the subject. Highly recommended.

From the Publisher:

People have always been keen to figure out their place in the scheme of things. This book helps by providing a “theology roadmap” for the journey. These great biblical truths, when held together in our minds, will take us where we need to go in a healthy way.

So, the book looks great and seems timely to my life and the process I’ve been going through the last 8 months or so. The kicker is that the author is a church planter with a special love for the college community. He is currently Pastor of a church plant near Columbia University in NY.

So, we’ll see. I can’t wait to dig into it… but got to get some work done first… so, off to work…

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