Labor Day and the 30 foot Jesus

So, for labor day I:

  1. Restructured my billing process and expense tracking for my company, Design Simple
  2. Mowed the lawn
  3. Reformatted my external hard drive
  4. Sorted through about 1000 pictures that have been sitting in a “temp” fold in Aperture for over a year
  5. Helped Jennifer make some black-out curtains for Asher room

While organizing the pictures I came across one of my old favorites (below). The story for this picture makes it so much better.

So, I was in the Cayman Islands with my brother Devin. He had recently become a Christian and had invited me to come spend a week with him (he was working for a company down there at the time). One day we went for a ride around the island (which is NOT very big). After some spelunking, Devin began to tell me of this giant statue of Jesus that was somewhere on the island. I wondered how giant it could actually be… I think somewhere along the journey it was reported by my brother that this Jesus was “at least 30 feet tall.” So, after searching the 7 mile island looking for a 30 foot Jesus (and making a quick stop in Hell) we turned down a street that Devin was sure was the one… At this point I became very skeptical. I kept looking over the tree line waiting to see Jesus looking down on us.

Pulling into the parking lot we both just kind of laughed… sure enough, we had found Jesus… Judging by the picture, he’s probably 7 feet tall with his sandals on. We couldn’t resist having our picture taken with him.

It was a great trip and one I’ll never forget. Besides the really great food, the amazing weather, and picture perfect sunrises and sunsets every day… I got to be there when my brother made a public confession of his faith in Jesus and was baptized.

That story is one of the reasons I’m really excited about moving to Orlando. My brother and his wife are down there and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with them. But… least I go on a rabbit trail with that… Here is the “30 foot Jesus.”

Us 3

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