Last minute weirdness

This past Sunday evening when it sunk in for us that we were in fact really moving (and within a couple weeks at that) our minds both started turning. Ryan began making mental lists of all the tasks to be completed, like shipping our stuff and the van…finding a place to live…ya know..moving stuff. Me? My first task checked off the growing list in my head was to make 3 gallons of beef stock with the reserved bones sitting in my freezer. Will I use 3 gallons of beef stock in 1 week? No. But I figured stock pawned off on friends in quart sized freezer bags has a higher chance of being used than the bones I’d been saving up for that round of stock. Yeah…Ryan shook his head in wonderment of my weirdness too.

Next was using up the remaining dry fruit in the house to make up a large batch of “snowy fruit balls” for the kids to snack on. Then assess what else is in the freezer. Liver. There’s a pound of chicken livers that I *intend* to make into liver pate tomorrow. Anyone in Orlando like liver pate? I also have a pound of beef liver that will have to go to the trash unless there are any takers.

I did sadly throw out the beef tounge today. It sat in the freezer for over a year…never did work up the courage to try to cook that. Maybe some day….

Then there’s the sourdough. Sigh. Tonight I used some to make a batch of banana muffins that will be breakfast over the weekend. Tomorrow morning I’ll make some sourdough pancakes & then in the afternoon will prepare some sourdough pizza crust….then I’ll have to dump any remaining starter & wash the jar. Kill off my sourdough starter. it was my “first born”. It started out gluten free (as of this week is no longer, heh). It taught me so much…..ok…actually books & people on the internet taught me, but it was all trial & error with this generation of starter….that i might add was garnered “wild” on my back porch. It was a victorious milestone in crazy traditional food cooking. Yes, I’ll be able to start up a new batch of “bellingham” sour dough (which interestingly enough…might taste different as there are different strains of yeast in different locations, I’m anxious to see). But I’ll always fondly remember the original starter. ;)

7 thoughts on “Last minute weirdness

  1. You are the TF Marha Stewart…I mean, hello? Stocks, Muffins, Sourdough starter, tongue, and Pates all in one week?!!!?? I’m in awe…

  2. Your note reminded me of myself when we all were preparing for a move. Dad would be thinking of and taking care of all the movers and clearing etc. and I would start thinking of downsizing the frezzer and cuberds. Of course I normally had 3 months to work on this, not just one week. : )

  3. to the “tf martha stewart” comment, the “rest of the story”:

    i’m actually just an overzealous list maker. the only completed items were: stock, muffins, the pizza dough for some reason didn’t rise (it was actually my first sourdough pizza crust attempt with wheat flour), and I THREW OUT the tongue. ;)

    Liver is still in the fridge (along with the mushrooms & onions) waiting to be made into pate…not sure if that’ll happen. & believe it or not i thought i’d be making “peanut butter squash brownies” this week too. the squash is still sitting in the fridge uncut & uncooked & not pureed.

  4. Yes you are weird. And, every time you mentioned: liver, beef tongue, and even bones I got a little nauseous. Yeah, yeah…blame it on my pregnancy. :)